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Object Management In Distributed Database Systems For Stationary And Mobile Computing Environments

RRP $32.99

N etwork-based computing domain unifies all best research efforts presented from single computer systems to networked systems to render overwhelming computational power for several modern day applications. Although this power is expected to grow with respect to time due to tech­ nological advancements, application requirements impose a continuous thrust on network utilization and on the resources to deliver supreme quality of service. Strictly speaking, network-based computing dornain has no confined scope and each element offers considerable challenges. Any modern day networked application strongly thrives on efficient data storage and management system, which is essentially a Database System. There have been nurnber of books-to-date in this domain that discuss fundamental principles of designing a database systern. Research in this dornain is now far matured and rnany researchers are venturing in this dornain continuously due to a wide variety of challenges posed. In this book, our dornain of interest is in exposing the underlying key challenges in designing algorithms to handle unpredictable requests that arrive at a Distributed Database System(DDBS) and evaluating their performance. These requests are otherwise called as on-line requests arriving at a system to process. Transactions in an on-line Banking service, Airline Reservation systern, Video-on-Demand systern, etc, are few examples of on-line requests.

Algebraic Structures In Automata And Database Theory

RRP $248.99

This book is devoted to the investigation of algebraic structure. The emphasis is on the algebraic nature of real automation, which appears as a natural three-sorted algebraic structure, that allows for a rich algebraic theory. Based on a general category position, fuzzy and stochastic automata are defined. The final chapter is devoted to a database automata model. Database is defined as an algebraic structure and this allows us to consider theoretical problems of databases. Almost all the material is new.

Neuroscience Databases

RRP $491.99

Neuroscience Databases: A Practical Guide is the first book providing a comprehensive overview of these increasingly important databases. This volume makes the results of the Human Genome Project and other recent large-scale initiatives in the neurosciences available to a wider community. It extends the scope of bioinformatics from the molecular to the cellular, microcircuitry and systems levels, dealing for the first time with complex neuroscientific issues and leading the way to a new culture of data sharing and data mining necessary to successfully tackle neuroscience questions.
Aimed at the novice user who wants to access the data, it provides clear and concise instructions on how to download the available data sets and how to use the software with a minimum of technical detail with most chapters written by the database creators themselves.
Key databases and topics include:

-Neuroinformatics for C. Elegans;
-Gene Expression Patterns;
-Functional Analyses of Olfactory Receptors
-Protein-Protein Interactions;
-Web-Based Neuronal Archives;
-Neuronal and Network Modeling;
-Storage and Retrieval of Experimental Data for Biophysically Realistic Modeling;
-Analysis of Spike Trains;
-Neural Connectivity Patterns;
-Software Tools for Neuroimaging;
-Data Management, Inspection and Sharing.


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