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Professional Server, The

RRP $241.99

For undergraduate Culinary and Hospitality courses that focus on dining room server training, and banquet, catering, and buffet service training.


Filled with real-life examples, The Professional Server: A Training Manual covers all aspects of dining room service. This edition contains in-depth coverage of everything a good server needs to know to be successful in this competitive profession–from professional appearance, to server readiness, to guest communication. Self-contained chapters flow in a logical sequence and offer an explanation of table settings, wine and beverage service and current technologies. Restaurant Reality stories, charts and photos give students an insider’s look into the realities of the profession.  

Thoughts Of A Domestic Observer

RRP $13.99

The United States of America is in crisis, not due to external threats, but to our own domestic and international policies. At home, our crumbling public school systems fail the next generation. Wealth distribution is completely skewed, favoring a small group over the majority. Religious and racial intolerance influences even the smallest political or social decisions.

Abroad, an aggressive, "America-first" foreign policy leaves the United States with fewer and fewer allies and a reputation for oppression and military force. As for the environment, political and cultural attitudes encourage an unsustainable spiral of destruction.

In Thoughts of a Domestic Observer, Scott Edward Belbey invites readers to consider and face the many factors and influences driving the steady downfall of the United States of America. This is not a book of false hope. This is an unflinching examination of the challenges the nation faces-challenges and assumptions with homegrown origins affecting all walks of life.

Is the decline of the United States inevitable? The answer depends on whether or not Americans, both as a nation and as members of the international community, can change deeply rooted beliefs and behaviors. At present, the future does not look promising.

Front Line Observer

RRP $29.99

America, it's time to wake up and realize what the war against the family has done to our kids. My hope is that, in addition to telling stories about kids who have shared our home, Front Line Observer may be your wake up call. Front Line Observer is a mixture of stories and lessons learned from 29 years of working and living with kids. Included in these 29 years are 24 years of residential work with kids in foster care. I tell some stories about the kids, and share what my wife and I have learned about why kids are removed from their parents or are placed in foster care. I will tell about the damage done to our children by the disintrigation of the family in our society and by those who do not understand the value of our children. I will show how those in our society who are willing to destroy the family are hurting our children. I will share what we have seen about how the casualties in the war against the family are our children. Kids who come into foster care and into our home almost never come from families consisting of parents who are a mom and dad who are married and together. Instead, they come from parents who have chosen "alternatives" to the traditional family or to have counterfeit "families." In particular, I will confront fathers who refuse to accept responsibility for their children and families, and present ideas on how we can motivate these fathers to take responsibility for their children. I will also present ideas for anyone who wants to help children who are hurting from an absent dad, or who wants to join the battle in the fight for the family.


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