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Front Line Observer

RRP $29.99

America, it's time to wake up and realize what the war against the family has done to our kids. My hope is that, in addition to telling stories about kids who have shared our home, Front Line Observer may be your wake up call. Front Line Observer is a mixture of stories and lessons learned from 29 years of working and living with kids. Included in these 29 years are 24 years of residential work with kids in foster care. I tell some stories about the kids, and share what my wife and I have learned about why kids are removed from their parents or are placed in foster care. I will tell about the damage done to our children by the disintrigation of the family in our society and by those who do not understand the value of our children. I will show how those in our society who are willing to destroy the family are hurting our children. I will share what we have seen about how the casualties in the war against the family are our children. Kids who come into foster care and into our home almost never come from families consisting of parents who are a mom and dad who are married and together. Instead, they come from parents who have chosen "alternatives" to the traditional family or to have counterfeit "families." In particular, I will confront fathers who refuse to accept responsibility for their children and families, and present ideas on how we can motivate these fathers to take responsibility for their children. I will also present ideas for anyone who wants to help children who are hurting from an absent dad, or who wants to join the battle in the fight for the family.

A Shared Future

RRP $187.00

At a time when participation in democratic governance exhibits a decrease among the less well-off and an increase of power among the elite, one big question concerns how to reverse this trend.  Wood and Fulton have devoted this book to finding ways to build democratic participation by low-income and working families, and to create cross-racial alliances.  Here's where faith-based organizations enter the picture.  These organizations have been significant players in shaping health-care reform, financial reform, and immigration reform at higher levels of government, aimed at benefitting working families.  It is a movement which directly addresses economic inequality, policy paralysis, and racial injustice in the United States.  Faith-based organizing, the authors show, offers important lessons for an American public struggling to combine universalist democratic ideals with an increasingly multicultural reality-in what will soon be a thoroughly multicultural society, as new immigrant arrivals and demographic diffusion spread diversity into settings that were once bastions of white subculture.  Models for community organizing have been supplied over time by Saul Alinsky, Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  A Shared Future has a distinctly empirical focus on one of the most important sponsoring networks for faith-based organizations:  PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organizations), which shifted neighborhood-based organizations to congregation-based organizations.  They achieved a high profile during the formation of health care policy that found its way into Obamacare legislation, and have also been an important agent for addressing racial equity.  Wood and Fulton here address a new generation of faith-based community organizers, seeking to ground the movement in what they call "ethical democracy," and fleshing out an approach to addressing economic inequality and political paralysis.  

The Life Insurance Life Preserver

RRP $37.99

Finally! An easy to read and understand book about one the most important subjects most people never learn about...until it's too late! Life Insurance! The first half of this book is written in a simple style to help the reader easily understand the different types of life insurance without overwhelming graphs and mind numbing charts. The second half of this book with take the reader on a journey across kitchen tables and experience real life stories of some of the disasters and pitfalls that many of the folks we have met, have made. It also includes some good and happy endings of some of these folks, as well. It will shed light on the dangers of misinformation or lack of knowledge on this important subject. I hope this book will educate and enlighten the reader and help preserve their family's legacy.


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